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Freshwater Policy Consulting, LLC provides support to people and organizations working to forge the path toward natural resource sustainability. Specializing in water issues in Arizona and throughout the Colorado River Basin, Freshwater provides assistance with strategy, policy analysis, stakeholder relationships, and program design and implementation. Our clients are mostly small and large community and conservation groups and foundations, but we are available to assist any public or private organization navigating—or hoping to shape—the changing world of natural resource policy.
  • To Keep Desert Rivers Flowing, Protect Groundwater

    People who don’t live here in the desert southwest are often surprised to hear about our rivers. The common vision of a desert is a place without water. But in fact, in a desert—where water is scarce—its importance is elevated, its beauty and centrality made......

  • Why Rivers Need Protecting

    Many of our clients at Freshwater are working to protect rivers here in the desert Southwest and beyond. But why do rivers need protecting? There are any number of things that can threaten a river’s ecological health, water quality, or even the structure of its......

  • Congratulations to Freshwater Client Friends of Verde River Greenway

    We have been working for several years with our client Friends of Verde River Greenway on an exciting project called the Verde River Exchange. The Exchange is a voluntary, collaborative, locally developed program allowing groundwater users in Arizona’s Verde Valley to “offset” the impact of......