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We believe that…

Sustaining our land, water, and energy resources requires building new structures and systems to support that sustainability. These structures and systems are in turn made up of and depend on having in place the right knowledge, information, policy, institutions, and social and cultural support. Developing these components and tools for resource sustainability is the challenging but necessary work of many far-thinking organizations and individuals today—and requires the participation and dedication of government, business, the non-profit and philanthropy sectors, and of individuals at home and in their communities.

Freshwater aspires to provide strategic support to those doing this long-term, nuanced, and essential work. We provide consulting services that include strategic planning; policy analysis and development; strategic communication and development of stakeholder relationships; and other support in program and project design and implementation.

Our substantive specialty is at the nexus of water law and policy and freshwater conservation in Arizona and the Colorado River Basin. Past and present Freshwater clients include The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Environmental Defense Fund, Grand Canyon Trust, Friends of Verde River Greenway, the Verde River Basin Partnership, the Verde River Valley Nature Organization, Arizona Land and Water Trust, and Walton Family Foundation. We have worked closely with businesses, municipalities, resource agencies, elected officials, agricultural producers, utilities and those from many other sectors.

Our Approach

Freshwater’s approach emphasizes the importance of strong relationships, smart institutional structures, and collaborative, proactive solutions to difficult challenges.

Strong relationships. So much of doing good work is about building good relationships with the right people. In its work with clients on water policy and sustainability issues, Freshwater emphasizes the need to listen carefully, and to build meaningful relationships with the people and stakeholders involved

Smart institutional structures. “Institutions”—a broad name for different arrangements of people and organizations, set up (whether intentionally or not) to accomplish something—are often key to what does get accomplished in a certain place or around a certain set of issues. We believe that it’s important to pay attention to supporting and building the right institutions to get the right results. When possible we like to take a “systems” approach to problems.

Proactive solutions to difficult challenges. It is easier to identify and talk about problems than to identify and talk about solutions, and it is easier to tear things apart than to build them up. Freshwater believes in the need to undertake smart, sequential, and strategic work to build and promote the right solutions to challenges.