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Welcome to Freshwater

Welcome to the website and blog for Freshwater Policy Consulting, LLC. Founded in 2013, we are a small and specialized consulting company working on water and natural resource policy issues. We aim to provide support and resources to others who are working collaboratively to improve the sustainability of our natural resource use and the resilience and health of our land and water. Our particular expertise and passion is the realm of western water policy; we have been working with organizations in Arizona and the Colorado River Basin to identify and work toward the system changes needed to keep rivers flowing, water supplies ample and secure, landscapes healthy, and communities thriving. While not all of our country or region’s legal, economic, and social systems are currently set up and tuned to support the well-being of our communities and planet—and this is certainly true in the water resource arena—we believe that they can be. We understand that improving the world we live in, even a little, takes time, patience, resources, and good strategy that is attentive to the details of the present system, and we enjoy working with others who believe that it is nonetheless possible and worthwhile. Thank you for visiting our website. We plan to use this space to share news, thoughts, and information related to water and natural resource issues. Please contact us if you have comments, questions, or other reactions—and, of course, if we might be able to support or assist you in your work.